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ASP.NET Quick Start with Visual Web Developer 2010

Session: IP465S12A
Dates: 6 Wednesdays - June 20 —July 25, 2012
Times: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Robson Square Campus 800 Robson Street:

Test sites

http://www.microsoft.com/web/ Microsoft Web Development tools

http://www.asp.net/vwd Visual Web Developer Express Tutorials

Visual Basic 2008 Keybinding Reference Poster


If you are doing web development it is likely that you have heard about Microsoft ASP.NET. If you are not working with ASP.NET you are probably wondering what you are missing. Round out your understanding of modern web development.

Course Description

Starting with an overview of the .NET Framework, you will learn where this pervasive technology fits in the context of the Internet. Working with Visual Studio, Visual Basic and C# you will learn how to create Web Forms, Code-Behind Pages progressing through to a brief introductions to: database access using ADO.NET and XML Web Services

Duration: 18 hours


  • Access to the Internet, an email account and Visual Studio 2012 (fully licenced version provided with this course)
  • Highly Recommended: Introduction to Programming Basics (IP 352), or equivalent practical experience.



Understand how .NET delivers the Microsoft Web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software. Understand the development process using Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express Edition, the free version of Visual Studio for developing ASP.NET applications.


Build a small web site using Visual Web Developer using the object and event model in ASP.NET including:
  • ASP.NET web forms
  • Web controls
  • Compiled modules
  • Deploy your web site to the cloud

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Note the session content schedule is subject to change.
The main topics and general order will remain, but what is covered in each session may vary from what is shown here.

Reference Links

Video Tutorial

Session One

Context of ASP.NET Development

  1. Big Web
  2. Where Do I See Programming
  3. Polyglot Programming
  4. Front End Back End
  5. Stateful / Stateless (page 10)

Programming Basics

Internet Technologies

Internet Technologies Overview - very quick discussion - no notes.

Stateless Environment

Programming Concepts

Programming Concepts (page 11)

  • Programming / Scripting
  • High / Low Abstraction


  • One step at a time
Selection / Conditional Branching
  • If
  • Switch
  • Select Case
  • Round and round we go
    • Exit conditions / tests
      • Before or after
  • Temporary storage for data
  • Data types
  • Early / Late Binding
  • Casting Data Types
  • Scope
  • Arrays
  • Collection of variables of like type
  • Combined with iteration

Session 2

More Programming Fundamentals

Programming Fundamentals

You will find these basic concepts throughout many modern programming languages. Programming Fundamentals (page 12)

Object Oriented

Object Orientation on the Web

Scripting Examples


Introduction to Visual Web Developer

  • Quick tour
  • Tools as Classes
  • Hello World
  • Hello WebService

Session 3

Primarily Lab Work

  • Creating a Web Site
  • User Interface interaction with code page (class)
  • Separating logic from interface
  • Procedures, functions, program module


Web Services

Mini Assignment

See the Homework section.

Framework Overview

Database related controls. (see sample site)

Visual Web Developer Tutorials


User Interfaces


Getting started

More - See: Ajax

Sample Files

These are identical files packaged with a self extractor and as a zip file. We will download these in the lab and then copy them into a sample project in Visual Studio.

Related Downloads

Visual Studio Setup Notes

  • Web.config file


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