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Testing Area

ImageLink Extension

  • {{#imagelink: interwiki_prefix:image-page-name | page name | alternate text | width | height | border }}
  • {{#img: image=interwiki_prefix:image-page-name ... }}
  • Jim's Courses using imagelink

{{#imglink: image=Office2010Logo.jpg | page=Jim's Courses| height=20% | title=Some starred page }}

ImageLink: default image page not specified

  • Jim's Courses

  • ImageLink: default image page not specified

Footnotes Test[1]

Some text Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005[1] represents the evolution of the notebook PC, enabling you to work in more places and in new ways. Designed to enhance the Tablet PC end-user experience, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 is now available as a free download[1] for new and existing Tablet PC users. In addition to enhanced pen-and-ink support, here are some of the key new features of Tablet PC Windows XP Edition 2005:

Notepad ++

    Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts List

    + Home – Clear all but the active window
    + Space – All windows become transparent so you can see through to the desktop
    + Up arrow – Maximize the active window
    + Down arrow – Minimize the active window or restore the window if it’s maximized
    + Left/Right arrows – Dock the active window to each side of the monitor
    + Shift+Left/Right arrows – If you’ve got dual monitors, this will move the active window to the adjacent monitor
    + T – Shift focus to and scroll through items on the taskbar
    + P – Adjust presentation settings for your display
    + (+/-) – Zoom in/out
    + Click a taskbar item – Open a new instance of that particular application

    Click Image extension

    Tablet PC Seminar 2008


    Add to a page:

    {{#Click:Target|Image:Example.png|90px|Caption is here.}}

    Width (90px) and caption are optional. Target may be an internal or external link, but internal links take precedence.

    Table Example

    Long Column Header Second Long Column Header 3rd Col Header  


      3,713 3713

      6 6


      Template:PAGESINNS:ns Template:PAGESINNS:ns:R



      Word Example Explanation
      {{CURRENTVERSION}} 1.11.0 [MW1.7+] Template:H:mwg [1]
      A variable which returns the total number of articles on the Wiki.
      [MW1.7+] Returns the total number of pages. [2]
      [MW1.5+] Returns the number of uploaded files (rows in the image table).
      [MW1.7+] Returns the number of registered users (rows in the user table).
      [MW1.7+] Returns the number of administrators (sysop, bureaucrat, steward and checkuser).
      {{PAGESINNAMESPACE}}  {{#if:{{#ifexpr:Template:PAGEINNS:0}}|disabled here}} Longer alias of PAGESINNS
      {{PAGESINNS:2}} {{#if:{{#ifexpr:Template:PAGEINNS:0}}Template:PAGESINNS:2}}
      {{PAGESINNS:2|R}} {{#if:{{#ifexpr:Template:PAGEINNS:0}}|
      disabled here|= Template:PAGESINNS:2}}
      [MW1.7+] Returns the number of pages in the given namespace. Disabled by default, enable with Template:H:mwg.

      Access Level  I Programming Global Tech
      Access Level II IITI
      Excel Level I
      Excel Level II

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